Vigántpetend, Hungary

Carlos Castro
Suelen Camerin

Anne de Zeeuw, Clea Granados Nikolaidou, Dominika Galandova, Fábián Villányi, Márta Schmidt, Orsolya Godra, Sara Simoska, Zsuzsanna Horváth

OCA was built in Vigántpetend, Hungary, as part of the rural campus of the summer school of “Hello Wood” – an independent, international educational platform in design and architecture that promotes learning through construction and experimentation with wood. OCA project responded to the call for projects of the competition “Project Village 2016” – which put in discussion the ways of settling – with a reinterpretation of primitive kinds of housing, seeking to obtain the maximum efficiency using only the 2m³ of wood available. The project consists of a beam of 13m long, supported by six inclined pillars, where five colorful hammocks are tied – thus providing a place of interaction and collective rest.

  1. 2016 OCA 01
  2. 2016 OCA 02
  3. 2016 OCA 03
  4. 2016 OCA 04
  5. 2016 OCA 05
  6. 2016 OCA 06


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